Other ways to get V-Bucks

There are three proven ways to get V-Bucks. We will describe every single one of them in great detail on this and other linked pages. Furthermore, we will give you insights on which way is the most efficient and which is not(but nonetheless works).
Our way number one to get free V-Bucks is Fortnite itself:

I. Get V-Bucks in Fortnite

The game Fortnite actually includes two game modes. The classic and world-famous Battle Royale mode and the lesser known Save The World mode. Fortnite gives you the chance to earn V-Bucks in both of these modes, but with an extreme difference in numbers.
If you don’t have a Battle Pass for Battle Royale, you can earn only up to 200 V-Bucks, by gaining higher levels. If you purchase the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks(~10$), you can earn up to 1500 V-Bucks.
But the V-Bucks that you can earn in the Battle Royale mode are nothing in comparison to the amounts that you could earn in Save The World. In less than two weeks you can collect +4.000 V-Bucks and you have the daily chance to increase that number.

How can you earn V-Bucks with Save The World?

We have tested all possible ways to get V-Bucks in Save The World. Below you can see them all- divided by the number of V-Bucks you can earn and on how you can earn them. We created for each way a guide, so that you can farm the V-Bucks in Save The World as efficient as possible and so that you can avoid beginners mistakes easily. 

One-Time Rewards

Unlimited Rewards

Win 100k V-Bucks

II. Get V-Bucks with Point/survey Websites

With a small and uncomplicated trick, you can use point websites to get V-Bucks.
Point websites are sites which give users “points”(the name can differ from site to site) in return for doing surveys, watching ads and other tasks. If a user has collected enough points, the user can exchange the points for real-world goods like PayPal money and all sorts of gift cards(iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Live and so on).
For the moment, Epic Games does not offer V-Buck gift cards so you can only buy V-Bucks directly on their website or in-game. However, they accept payment methods, like PayPal and Paysafecard. The majority of point websites offer PayPal money and Paysafecards as a reward for points. If you manage to get enough points on a reputable point website you can exchange the earned points for a Paysafecard(if you have no credit card or PayPay account) and then you can use the Paysafecard for buying V-Bucks.

Some Reputable Point Websites

III. Get V-Bucks with Giveaways

Since Fortnite has become popular a lot of YouTubers and websites regularly host giveaways with V-Bucks as the main prize to attract a bigger audience.
This method is the least efficient of all three. It has two major flaws. The first one being that you can not influence the outcome, which is /should be random.
The second problem is that a lot of YouTubers do not actually give away the V-Bucks and only use the giveaways to gain more subscribers, likes, comments and overall engagement. If you want to participate in a YouTube giveaway, please check first if the YouTuber announces the winners.