Free Code Generators think you are stupid

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Short Version


If you search for something beginning with “free” and ending with “code” or “gift card” you will probably come across a “free code generator” website. A scam that wastes your time and more. 

One Scam - Two Versions

No Download Generators

  • 95%+ of all free code generator scams will not ask you to download anything
  • Uses only one scam technique – “Human Verification”
  • Damage is usually relatively low

Downloadable Generators

  • Can contain viruses and are for that reason highly dangerous
  • Can mostly be found through links on social media and video sites (e.g. YouTube video promoting the scam with the download link in the description)
  • High possible damage

Both types want you to think that they have the ability to give away free codes. For example for the PSN, Xbox Live or even send you free PayPal Money.

Both types use a simple script to generate a random number that will look like a legit code.

Both types will send you to a “survey” that in most cases will cost you real money.

Only one can do real damage to you- if you download one of these “generators” they may place viruses and adware on your device.

Let's test one Generator

Now we will take a look at a non-downloadable generator, since these are the ones which people will most likely encounter.

One of the most infested search results is: free PSN Codes 

First result


The site gives me the illusion of choice and lets me pick one of the 4 gift cards. 


Now they want that I share the site. 

Two reasons why they want me to do that: 

  1. If I share it, if is possible that other people use the generator too.
  2. If you share a website, Google sees it, thinks the users like the site – and gives the website a higher Google rank.


At some point they always want you to do fake surveys or that you sign up somewhere. In 9/10 cases the “surveys” will cost you real money and even if you do it, you will not get a psn code. For every offer that you make, the website owner earns between 0.20$ to 3$.

Note: See how they already had to write that they are “not like other websites” and that “you will absolutely get your code“.

In short: how to spot a free code generator scam?

  • It says it is a generator (that should already be enough)
  • They tell you that they have hacked servers or something like that and they give all codes away
  • You will have to share the site one or more times
  • The generator will only display some parts of the code or nothing at all
  • You will be asked to verify that you are human
  • The verification will be a “survey”
  • The survey will most likely cost you something or will ask you more than just your e-mail.

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