Win 100.000 Free V-Bucks by learning about internet safety!

How does it work?

To spread awareness about online scams we created a 6-part Basic Internet Safety Guide. For each part of the guide you get the chance to win V-Bucks.

Prize 1:

1.000 V-Bucks

1000 V-Bucks

Prize 2:

2.000 V-Bucks

2000 V-Bucks

Prize 3:

3.000 V-Bucks

3000 V-Bucks

Prize 4:

5.000 V-Bucks

5000 V-Bucks

Prize 5:

14.000 V-Bucks

14000 V-Bucks

Prize 6:

75.000 V-Bucks

75000 V-Bucks

How to participate?

Join Freegenday and play!

 Join Freegenday – simply sign up with your Name and a valid email.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and find out about the eligibility requirements. Also, see our Privacy Policy.

Select your numbers from a grid!

If you press on the “Play” button on top of this page, you should be redirected to to the first prize game. 

You can choose in each game to select your own numbers or to use the Random Button option. 

Read and learn about different Scams!

Once you are on the confirmation page we will show you articles about internet safety or types of scams.

If you are not interested or already know about the presented scam – you can skip it if you want.

Come back here and check your results!

You can find your results on the result page.

The drawing of the winning numbers occurs daily around 22:00 GMT. 

Is it really free?

Yes! This is a prevention website, which uses a Sweepstake system to give away all sorts of prizes.

A Sweepstake is by law “No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win”.

It is our intention to draw attention to online scams using this special and uncommon approach.

Each registered user has the chance to win free V-Bucks for the Fortnite game by visiting our website daily!​

Our Website displays advertising, which allows us to support our free daily games. 

In case you win a V-Bucks price here, we will ask you on which device you play Fortnite so that you get the V-Bucks right away.

Linking Accounts

If you have Fortnite on more than one device, you will need to decide on which you want to have the V-Bucks. As for now:

“V-Bucks purchased in a Store will be Platform-locked”

That means if you buy V-Bucks, for example, on a PS4 – you will not be able to use these on your PC or other devices.

However –

“V-bucks earned (and not bought) will sync across platforms that have Cross-progression”

Fortnite may change this in the future. Until then, please tell us which platform you use to play Fortnite to avoid problems.

Since it is important on which platform you play Fortnite(PC/MAC/Xbox/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Android/iOS) the redeeming process differs.

We will send you a clear guide on how to redeem the V-Bucks code, once we know on which device you play.

You can also choose to use online tutorial videos for this if you want to.

Using multiple accounts to increase the chance of winning is against our Terms and Conditions.

If you have created more than one account and you use both of them to participate in the sweepstakes, you will be disqualified from winning any prizes.

Yes. You will have no problems with buying the newest skins and other items with the purchased V-Bucks.

Other ways to get free V-Bucks?

Fortnite currently has 2 different game modes. The popular free-to-play “Fortnite: Battle Royale” mode and “Fortnite: Save The World“, which costs 39.99$.

Players can earn V-Bucks in the “Save the World” mode in various ways.

1. Login Rewards

Save The World rewards you with in-game items, including V-Bucks, simply for daily logging in.
If you would log in daily for 336 days, you would have earned 10.000 free V-Bucks. You only need to log in, nothing more required.

2. Daily Quest

Save The World offers daily quests with a V-Buck reward varying from 50 to 100 V-bucks. A player can only do 3 quests a day.

3. Main and Side Quests

Save The World has 4 main areas, which contain combined over 200 quests. If done all, the player will have earned over 4.000 V-Bucks.

4. Timed Missions – Mini Boss

Save The World has Timed Missions, which change every 6 hours.

For now, only “Mini Boss” missions give the player free V-bucks and a player can only do a maximum of 3 Mini Boss missions per day

5. Collection Book

The player can earn 1.500 V-Bucks using the Collection Book.

6. Events

Save The World features lots of events which often contain V-Bucks as rewards.

III. Giveaways

Since Fortnite gained lots of popularity, you will easily find V-Bucks giveaways.

To efficiently find the most recent giveaways go to Google and enter “Fortnite free v-bucks“+ “Giveaway“. To sort out the old results and finished giveaways, click on “Tools“, right under the Google search bar. Now select the time frame. We recommend using results which are under a month.

To avoid getting scammed and giving away personal information with no chance to win, do research on who is the responsible for the giveaway and if he or she is reputable.


  •  Follow reputable websites that frequently publish Giveaways like and search for free V-Bucks
  •  Find big Youtubers and Social Media Stars that do Giveaways and follow them
  • Don’t expect to win. Giveaway winners are decided by chance and often hundreds of thousands participate in them.
free v bucks

II. Reward Point Websites

What are Reward Point Websites?

Reward Point Websites give users the opportunity to earn “Points” by doing offers. If a user has earned enough points he or she can exchange the points for something valuable, like a Gift Card, a specific product or whatever the Point Website offers.

For now, not many Point Websites offer V-Bucks – but they offer products with which you can acquire V-Bucks. For example PayPlay money or a Paysafe card.

One of the advantages of a Point Website is that you (mostly) do not need to be 18 or over to earn points.
The majority of the offers are surveys and sophisticated ads. It will take hours of doing offers to get the required amount of points for the standard minimum of 10$ codes.

Some reputable Reward Point Websites:

  • PrizeRebel
  • PointsPrizes
  • GrabPoints


If you are not located in a western country like the US, Canada and the EU, you can face several problems using this method.

1. Some Reward Point Websites do not allow specific countries to earn points on their websites. If they find out that a member is from such a location, they can delete his or her profile, including the earned points.
2. If you are not located in a western country, you will most likely get fewer offers to do, plus they will give you fewer points.
The reason behind that is – Reward Point Websites get their offers from companies which, in most cases, want only people from named western countries doing the offers.
3. Earning enough points to get a 1000 V-Bucks code can take hours.
4. Some Reward Point Sites act shady and are accused of scamming. We advise you to do research before you open an account on a Point Website. 

Warning of free V-Bucks Generator websites

If you search for free V-Bucks you might end up on a scam websites, which use the “free V-Bucks generator” scam. They claim to have a generator, which is able to generate V-Bucks, that you can use in Fortnite.

None of these generators are found to be working and some contain ad- and malware. In some cases, they try to trick you into sending your user data, which you should never do. Find out more about code generators.

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