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What can you win?

You have the daily chance of winning free Steam codes:

Game 1:

10$/€ free Steam Wallet code

Game 2:

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Game 3: 

40$/€ free Steam Wallet codes

Game 4:

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Game 5:

200$/€ free Steam Wallet codes

Game 6:

400$/€ free Steam Wallet codes

How does it work?

Join Freegenday and get to play daily!

 Join Freegenday – simply sign up with your Name and a valid email.

Please read our Terms and Conditions and find out about the eligibility requirements. Also, see our Privacy Policy.

Select your numbers from a grid!

You can win codes for Steam by selecting numbers from a provided grid for each of the games. You can choose in each game to select your own numbers or to use the Random Button option. 

Read and learn about different Scams!

Once you are on the confirmation page we will show you articles about different types of scams.

If you are not interested or already know about the presented scam – you can skip it if you want.

Come back here and check your results!

You can find your results on the Steam result page.

The drawing of the winning numbers occurs daily around 22:00 GMT.

Is it really free?

Yes! Freegenday is a Sweepstakes site.

You have the daily chance to win Steam Codes by visiting this website and entering your numbers!​

We offer sponsored advertising during game play and in general. This makes it possible for us to support the free and daily games. 

You can redeem a Steam code using the Steam Client itself.

If you want the get the instructions directly from Steam you can visit this specific page here.

1. Start your Steam client(just open Steam)
2. Select Games Menu
3. Look for Activate a Product on Steam and click on it
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process

Yes. We offer our Sweepstakes worldwide.

In case you win you just have to inform us about the registered location of your Steam account.

If you give false information – the code will most likely not work, since Steam has a country lock system.