Win Free PSN Codes by learning about online safety

What can you win?

Game 1


10$ for PSN

Game 3


40$ for PSN

Game 5


100$ for PSN

Game 2


20$ for PSN

Game 4


60$ for PSN

Game 6


500$ for PSN

How to participate?



You will need your own account if you want to win. Go and create it here.


Pick your numbers

You can pick 4 numbers in each game yourself or you use the Random button to generate 4 random numbers for you.


Online safety

After each game, we will show you articles regarding online safety. 


Check your results

The winning numbers are generated daily at 22:00 GMT.

Is it really free?

Yes – we use a Sweepstake system for the games/prizes and sweepstakes are by law “No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win“.

We display sponsored advertising during gameplay. This allows us to offer the games for free.


The Giftcards for the PlayStation System are country locked. That means if you would buy a PSN gift card in an ordinary US store and you would try to redeem this code in another country, for example Germany, it would simply not work.

What impact has that on me?

Not a big one. We just need to know in which country you are. In case you win here free PSN gift cards, we will ask you where your PlayStation is located in, to avoid these country based problems.

The PlayStation has a very simple redemption system.

1. Create a PSN account or login if you already have one.
2. Go to the PlayStation Store
3. Select ‘Redeem Codes’ on the left side of the navigation menu
4. Enter your code and click ‘Continue’.

We can and will not stop you from creating multiple accounts but in case you intend to use multiple accounts in order to get higher chances of winning, you will win nothing.

Creating multiple profiles is against our Terms and Conditions. You will be excluded from winning any prizes. Please note that having entered a false name excludes you too.

Free PSN Code Generator

Everyone can use our private free PSN code generator to produce own codes for the PlayStation Store. You can decide if you want the 25$, the 50$ or the 100$ PSN gift card.
We provide this service for free because we think that all people should get these things for free. However, doing this is not so easy and we don’t know how long we can continue offering free PSN gift cards for all our visitors so you should be quick. Until this date, we gave away more than 308,765 PSN gift cards with our amazing code generator. There is no difference between the original codes and the ones we generate here on our website. You can access the generator right here.

free psn codes gift card

Other ways to get free PSN codes?

I. Sony Rewards

DISCLAIMER: This method only works if you are in the US region.

Sony, the owner of PlayStation currently tests in the US the Sony Rewards program. The Rewards program wants to meet the users demand of getting free PlayStation content – so you would not even need a free PSN code since the Reward program automatically sends your points to your linked PSN account.

Sony claims proudly that this program is:

“A rewards program for those who love entertainment, Sony Rewards lets you earn and redeem points for PlayStation® and Sony products, exclusive experiences and more!”

The basic premise of the Reward program is that you:

“Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at PlayStation Store”

How to participate?

1. Your PlayStation has to be located in the US.

2. Use this link to register.
(If the link has changed and does not work, use the link on the official page here.)

3. Sign in to your PlayStation Network Account and confirm that you want to take part in the program

How to earn points?

Sony gives users the opportunity to earn more than just one point per spent dollar on PlayStation and other Sony products.

For that information please visit this official site.

III. Giveaways

Giveaways for free Playstation codes can easily be found by using Google. You just have to enter the keywords “PlayStation code“(or instead of code you can enter card/gift card/gift code) +” Giveaway“. 

To ensure that you only get fresh results and not Giveaways from 2 years ago you can click on “Tools” under the Google search bar on the right then select the timeframe of the results for the search. We recommend to not have results older than a month.

Be aware of scams. The Giveaway niche has problems with fake Giveaways and scams to collect personal data.


  •  Follow reputable websites that frequently publish Giveaways like and search for free PlayStation codes
  •  Find big Youtubers and Social Media Stars that do Giveaways and follow them
  • Don’t expect to win. Giveaway winners are decided by chance and often hundreds of thousands participate in them.

II. Reward Point Websites

Disclaimer: If you are not from the US, Canada, EU or Australia, you will most likely have problems finding offers.
The offers on the Reward Websites are often aimed at a western audience. If you are not part of that audience, you will get fewer offers and fewer points in general.
Moreover, some Point Websites even forbid some locations to take part in the Reward program in their Terms and Conditions.
If they notice that a user is from a forbidden country, they will ban the user and his or her points are lost.


What are Reward Point Websites?

Reward Point Websites give users the chance to do offers and in return, the user will get “Points“. These offers are more or less simply surveys or sophisticated ads.

If the user has collected enough points, he can exchange them for example for a real PlayStation Gift Card in the form of a digital code.

Some Point Websites have been accused of scamming and actively manipulating offers. We recommend you to do research on the Point Websites that you want to register on.

We have to mention that this is not an actual way to get free PSN codes, since the user has to spend hours of time doing surveys.

It is not a free code, it is an earned code.

Here you can earn PlayStation Codes: