Learn about scams and Win Over 500$/€ in Free PSN Codes!

What can you win?

You have the daily chance of winning free Playstation Network Codes:

Game 1:

10$/€ free PSN card / code

Game 2:

20$/€ free PSN card / code

Game 3:

40$/€ free PSN cards /codes

Game 4:

60$/€ free PSN cards /codes

Game 5:

100$/€ free PSN cards /codes

Game 6:

300$/€ free PSN cards /codes

How does it work?

Join Freegenday and get to play daily!

 Join Freegenday – simply sign up with your Name and a valid email.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and find out about the eligibility requirements. Also, see our Privacy Policy.

Select your numbers from a grid!

You can win PSN Codes by selecting numbers from a provided grid for each of the games. You can choose in each game to select your own numbers or to use the Random Button option. 

Read and learn about different Scams!

Once you are on the confirmation page we will show you articles about different types of scams.

If you are not interested or already know about the presented scam – you can skip it if you want.

Come back here and check your results!

You can find your results on the result page.

The drawing of the winning numbers occurs daily around 22:00 GMT. 

Is it really free?

Yes! Freegenday is a Sweepstakes site. Sweepstakes are by law “No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win”. Freegenday wants to draw attention to online scams using the Sweepstake method.

We give you the chance to win codes for the Playstation Network by visiting our website daily and entering your numbers with no commitments!​

Freegenday offers sponsored advertising during gameplay and in general. This allows us to support our free daily games. 

The Giftcards for the PlayStation System are country locked. That means if you would buy a PSN gift card in an ordinary US store and you would try to redeem this code in another country, for example Germany, it would simply not work.

What impact has that on me?

Not a big one. We just need to know in which country you are. In case you win here free PSN gift cards, we will ask you where your PlayStation is located in, to avoid these country based problems.

The PlayStation has a very simple redemption system.

1. Create a PSN account or login if you already have one.
2. Go to the PlayStation Store
3. Select ‘Redeem Codes’ on the left side of the navigation menu
4. Enter your code and click ‘Continue’.

We can and will not stop you from creating multiple accounts but in case you intend to use multiple accounts in order to get higher chances of winning, you will win nothing.

Creating multiple profiles is against our Terms and Conditions. You will be excluded from winning any prizes. Please note that having entered a false name excludes you too.

We need to remind that not every user of our website will be able to win one or more of the free PSN codes.

The reason for that is simple – Freegenday uses a sweepstake system which determines the winner(s) by luck. The probability to win is for each individual the same. You can take a look at the probability rates on our Terms and Conditions page.

Besides, it is not our main goal to give away free PSN codes, but to inform about online scams.

free psn codes

Other ways to get free PSN codes?

The direct, fast and free way to get PSN Codes is by winning them here. However, there are some other ways that you could call “free”.

The best alternative to Freegenday is at the moment this site. You can get codes for the PSN by doing surveys, watching ads and similar easy tasks. So it’s not really free- but if you spend 1 to 2 hours you should have earned enough points to get a free PSN gift card from them.

Another alternative comes directly from Sony. It is called “Sony Rewards” and you should use it!
The basic rule of it:

You earn 1 point for every 1$ you spent on the PlayStation Store.

To get these points you just have to sign up here and link your Rewards account to your PSN account. If you are an active PlayStation user you will collect enough points over time to buy a new game only with the points.

Warning of "free PSN Code Generator" sites

Freegenday wants to provide users with the best possible service and tries to contribute with this website to a safer web. However, if you type into your preferred search engine the keywords “free” and “PSN Codes”, the current majority of sites that will show up, are promising to have a so-called “generator” that claims to be able to generate free Playstation Network codes.

None of these “PSN Code generators” are found to be working and Freegenday officially warns our users and visitors not to download or to use any of the “free generators”, since many of them prove to contain malicious ad- and malware.

Here you can find out more about the free psn code generators.

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