Win free Google Play Codes by learning about online safety

What can you win?

Game 1


10$ for Google Play

Game 3


50$ for Google Play

Game 5


100$ for Google Play

Game 2


25$ for Google Play

Game 4


75$ for Google Play

Game 6


500$ for Google Play

How to participate?



You will need your own account if you want to win. Go and create it here.


Pick your numbers

You can pick 4 numbers in each game yourself or you use the Random button to generate 4 random numbers for you.


Online safety

After each game, we will show you articles regarding online safety. 


Check your results

The winning numbers are generated daily at 22:00 GMT.

Is it really free?

Yes – we use a Sweepstake system for the games/prizes and sweepstakes are by law “No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win“.

We display sponsored advertising during gameplay. This allows us to offer the games for free.


If you want to have the instructions from Google itself, please visit the following page.

1. Open the Google Play App on your device
2. Tap on the Menu button
3. Select Redeem
4. Enter the code
5. Tab on Redeem(button)

Free Google Play Code Generator

Freegenday has developed a state-of-the-art free Google Play card generator which allows any person to generate own Google Play gift cards. Our code can find unused Google Play gift cards and distribute them here in the generator. You can use the gift card generator daily and as much as you want.

Google will have no problem with that since we only recycle the unused Google Play gift cards and turn them into working free codes. You can simply go to the generator by clicking on the button down below.

free google play codes

Why do you need Google Play credit?

The Google Play Store is one of the biggest mobile stores of our time. Everyone who has Android on the mobile device will have access to the Play Store. A lot of apps are free and contain just some ads.

For other apps, you need to pay something to be allowed to download and install them. This is one of the reasons for free Google Play codes. Another one is in-game purchases. Lot’s of games are free to play but offer cool in-game stuff, which gives you advantages, skins, resources and so on. Not anyone wants to pay for that.

The one good thing is that Android apps are on average cheaper than apps on the iTunes App store.

What are Google Play Gift Cards?

You can use the Google Play Code on a Google Play Gift Card to buy stuff in its Play Store on your Android device (phone or tablet). You get the gift cards usually in your local supermarket and/ or tech store.

The amount of money differs from card to card. You can choose between 25$, 50$ and 100$. If you are not from the US you will get the equivalent in the currency of your country.

Once you have a free Google Play code you can use it to buy everything in the GP Store, like Music, games, books, apps and movies.

The play store contains more than 1 million apps.

How to get free Google Play Gift Cards/ Codes?

To get free Google Play Gift cards or codes you only need to use our code generator. We will not ask you to do surveys or so-called human verification.

They’re not really any other ways. You could try to go on one of these survey websites, but earning enough points for a 25$ Google Play Gift Card will take you ages. We do not recommend using these sites since we think they rip-off their users.