Win Free APEX COINS by learning about online safety

What can you win?

Game 1


1.000 Apex Coins

Game 3


4.000 Apex Coins

Game 5


10.000 Apex Coins

Game 2


2.000 Apex Coins

Game 4


6.000 Apex Coins

Game 6


Apex Coins

How to participate?



You will need your own account if you want to win. Go and create it here.


Pick your numbers

You can pick 4 numbers in each game yourself or you use the Random button to generate 4 random numbers for you.


Online safety

After each game, we will show you articles regarding online safety. 


Check your results

The winning numbers are generated daily at 22:00 GMT.

Is it really free?

Yes – we use a Sweepstake system for the games/prizes and sweepstakes are by law “No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win“.

We display sponsored advertising during gameplay. This allows us to offer the games for free.



If you win Apex Legends Coins (in accordance with our Terms of Conditions) we will get in contact with you 🙂

We offer Apex Legends Coins for all devices. 

Free Apex Coins

Other ways to get free Apex Coins?

I. EA Access

If you use this method you will get:

  • 1000 free Apex Coins 
  • An exclusive Flatline Epic Weapon Skin
  • A special Banner Badge

What do I need to do?

If you play Apex Legends on PC:

You will need to be at least one of the following:

If you play Apex Legends on Xbox:

  • Your Xbox Live account needs to be connected to an EA Access membership

If you play Apex Legends on PS4:

Find here the official statement.

Works until June 30, 2019!


III. Get the Battle Pass

If you buy the Battle Pass for Season 1 you can earn 1.000 Apex Coins only by playing the game (you need to level up).

Here is a detailed list:

Ranks with 50 Apex Coin Rewards

Apex Legends 50 Coins

Rank 7   – 50 Coins

Rank 11 – 50 Coins

Rank 17 – 50 Coins

Rank 21 – 50 Coins

Rank 31 – 50 Coins

Rank 37 – 50 Coins

Rank 41 – 50 Coins

Rank 47 – 50 Coins

Ranks with 100 Apex Coin Rewards

Apex Legends 100 Coins

Rank 57 – 100 Coins

Rank 63 – 100 Coins

Rank 67 – 100 Coins

Rank 77 – 100 Coins

Rank 87 – 100 Coins

Rank 97 – 100 Coins

II. Reward Point Websites

What are Reward Point Websites?

Reward Point Websites give users the opportunity to earn “Points” by doing offers. If a user has earned enough points he or she can exchange the points for something valuable, like a Gift Card, a specific product or whatever the Point Website offers.

For now, not many Point Websites offer Apex Coins – but they offer products with which you can acquire Apex Coins. For example PayPal money or a Paysafe card.

One of the advantages of a Point Website is that you do not need to be 18 or over to earn points (this is only true for most of these webistes, not all of them) .
The majority of the offers are surveys and sophisticated ads. It will take hours of doing offers to get the required amount of points for the standard minimum of 10$ codes.

Some reputable Reward Point Websites:

  • PrizeRebel
  • PointsPrizes
  • GrabPoints


If you are not located in a western country like the US, Canada and the EU, you can face several problems using this method.

1. Some Reward Point Websites do not allow specific countries to earn points on their websites. If they find out that a member is from such a location, they can delete his or her profile, including the earned points.
2. If you are not located in a western country, you will most likely get fewer offers to do, plus they will give you fewer points.
The reason behind that is – Reward Point Websites get their offers from companies which, in most cases, want only people from western countries doing the offers.
3. Earning enough points to get 1.000 Apex Coins can take hours.
4. Some Reward Point Sites act shady and are accused of scamming. We advise you to do research before you open an account on a Point Website.