Fortnite Scams

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Epic’s game Fortnite is not only immensely popular among players, but also among scammers. Since Fortnite gained such a big following, the scams appear in masses and try to take advantage of Fortnite’s success.

Free V-Bucks

Whenever a game has an in-game currency that the player can buy only with money – like V-Bucks – the scammer will claim that he has found a method that makes it possible to give the currency away for free.

In 9 of 10 cases this method will be the free code generator” scam.  


Free V-Bucks Generators

The scammer will try to get you to:

  • do a (fake) survey/ “human verification”, which is often a disguised payed-subscription
  • share his scam website
  • give him your Fortnite username
  • download the generator 

What could happen to you if you use a free V-Bucks generator:


At best

  • You lose some of your time

At worst

  • You lose your Epic account
  • You got malware /a virus on your device
  • You now have an annoying paid-subscription 
  • Your friends laugh at you because you shared a scammers link

So whenever a website or YouTube video claims it has a “generator” – it is 100% a scam! Do not use these sites and do not download “generators”. 

Free V-Bucks Giveaways

If you are an active Fortnite player, who also spends some time on YouTube watching Fortnite videos you will probably have noticed them- free V-Buck giveaways.

YouTubers like engagement, like Likes, Subs and Comments. And giveaways are a proven method to increase this engagement. However, a lot of YouTubers are accused and some already proven to be scammers. They say that they give away V-Bucks and Skins, but never announce a winner.

If you want to participate in a free V-Buck giveaway, you should firsthand check if the YouTuber announces the winners.  

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