Is your password weak?

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Short Version


Some websites already require you to enter a strong password. Others don’t. But what is a strong password and – do you have it?

What makes a password "strong"?


How strong is your password?

Kaspersky security has an online password checker to see how long a standard computer would take to crack your password.

Different passwords for different accounts?

A different password for every different account would be the best way to secure your accounts. The obvious problem – how to memorize all the different complex passwords?

  • Password managers

Password managers store all your passwords securely in one place. That would mean that you only need to know the password to your password manager.

  • Write them down

You could write them in a notebook. The only problem – you could lose it or a person could get their hands on it.

  • Create a txt. file

You could store your passwords in a dedicated txt. file on your computer.

Warning: Some viruses search for such files.

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